Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One of those days...

It's barely after noon and it has been one of those days...
1. late night for the girls last night because we were at a parent meeting at school. decided to drive the girls to school this morning so that they could sleep in a bit. that worked, but it was still a rush job to get out of the house. hate that.
2. had a big breakdown from Sarah, which is quite unusual, over the fact that she didn't practice her piano enough and consequently is not going to have a song ready to play in church on the 22nd and so is going to have to back out of that commitment.
3. tried out my new travel coffee mug that plugs into the vehicle cigarette lighter to keep the drink hot. plug started smelling burnt and smoking inside the car. grabbed the plug to pull it out and proceeded to burn the center of my thumb's fingerprint to a crisp. ouch. now I have to return that dumb mug with the burnt-up plug.
4. realized as I drove up to the thrift store before Bible study that I had forgotten my Bible study material at home.
5. didn't have time to drive home, so just went into the thrift store anyway. all I needed was a random fork and spoon for a piece of kitchen decor I'm crafting. there wasn't any random forks or spoons. so now the kitchen decor still isn't finished, so I can't show you a picture.
6. went to Bible study, which was wonderful, by the way. then picked up Elise and she threw an absolute fit about putting on her sweater and her coat and her boots all by herself. she kept yelling at me "DON'T TOUCH IT!" sigh.
7. I have approximately two hours at home this afternoon and all I really want to do is lie down and forget this morning ever happened.
8. my photo of the day today needs to be of my burnt thumb, but since it's on my right hand, I'm not sure how to take a picture of it. have to wait for Ed to get home, I guess. photos of the day from Monday & Tuesday will come up when I get the burnt thumb picture up. you'll just have to wait with baited breath.
9. hope your day is better than mine. I'm thinking perhaps the best medicine for this feeling-sorry-for-myself-attitude I have at the moment just may be a game of Candyland with Becca & Elise.
but only if I win, of course. ;)

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