Monday, May 25, 2009

Update on the surprise

A while back I blogged about a little surprise that I helped my friend Dee with. You can read my post about the surprise here.

Ever since the surprise was completed and revealed, I've been begging Dee to blog about it! I certainly couldn't blog about it before she did, but of course first she had to get her new computer up and running (a minor detail I personally think she could have worked around. What are library computers for, anyway?) and then she had to get "motivated". Whatever. And then she had to blog about her daughter and this and that and a bunch of other stuff. But now. Finally! She blogged about her surprise! So, you can read about it in Dee's blog.

I am so excited for her that she has this awesome new bedroom and such a great friend to have helped her out. Good job, Emma! ;) So, go ahead. Read her blog. Know that when she says "Julie is laughing" - I totally was.

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