Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today marks the 500th birthday of John Calvin. I was recently impressed again about the influence of his writings on the world when I attended a Calvin College Alumni event. The president of Calvin described how professors, from all over the world, are clamoring to be able to teach at Calvin College. Their respect for the theology of John Calvin and their desire to impress this upon college students in their subject area is growing, not waning. He talked about the resurgence of Calvinism, especially in Korea and other places where I did not expect Calvinism to be the emerging philosophy of young people. It's truly amazing and wonderful to see how God has used a simple man like John Calvin to bring His truth around the world for half a millennium. John Calvin did not set out to be remembered 500 years after he was born for his theological writings. He simply studied the Bible and shared what he had learned. God took care of the rest. I know there are many aspects of Calvinism that I am not totally verse in. But I do know a few things: God used John Calvin. God can use me. God can use anyone that allows Him to work in their life.

And Calvin College rules.

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