Friday, September 18, 2009

Good news and bad news

Sarah was given a solo/quartet singing part in her 6th grade musical. She is so excited and we are so proud of her. I had already found out from her music teacher ahead of time because she had asked me if I was still OK being an acting coach if Sarah didn't have a speaking part. The music teacher said, "I just really needed Sarah's beautiful voice in that quartet." When I told Sarah, she just beamed!

If you think of it, say a prayer for my cousins's 13-year-old daughter who was hospitalized yesterday with heart issues. We're very concerned and a little bit scared - her heart was racing and the medication wasn't bring it down to a normal rhythm, so the doctors even had to shock her heart a couple times. She's in the hospital hooked up to monitors and stuff, so she's safe now while the doctors try to figure out what's causing the abnormal rhythms. But we know that she is in God's hands and that He is the Great Physician and pray that He will give the doctors the wisdom to get her all back to her normal self.

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Mindy K said...

Thank you for your prayers for Molly. Her condition is going to be more of a neuesence than a life threat. Praise the Lord! She is doing good. The rare condition was treated incorrectly, thinking it was something more common, so the meds. and shocking were not necessary, but they did what they thought was right. I hope mom is enjoying all the girls and feels at peace.