Friday, January 1, 2010

Eat From The Pantry Challenge

A friend pointed me to yet another money-saving, coupon-clipping blogger, Faithful Provisions. This gal seems to have taken on the coupon mania as pretty much a part-time job. She introduced me to this Eat from the Pantry Challenge. Basically, you buy nothing at the store except for necessities, dairy, produce, etc. You just use up what you already have and plan your meals around that. I think it sounds like a great idea…except for it’ll be really tough to not go after all those fantastic money-saving deals for a whole month…But maybe in the long run it’ll save me lots of time and it will help me clean out my shelves and get them organized, right?

We’re going to do it slightly differently, however…we’re only doing it for two weeks for now. And the Sunday dinner that I have to prepare for family doesn’t count. That’s it. Those are our only exceptions. Maybe we’ll do it for another two weeks in a month or so, depending on how this goes. Some of the bloggers I’ve read wrote about how they were stocking their pantry this past week in preparation for this task. That seems to be contrary to the point of the challenge, in my opinion. I did not do that. I will just use what I already have beginning with this day. It’ll be easy for the next couple days, I think…considering how many leftovers we have in this house.

Ed’s challenging me to use up the oldest stuff first. So that means I gotta go see what’s in all the cupboards and in the freezer. I sorted the garage pantry shelves the other day, so I know what’s there at least. I can tell you one thing…we are not going to run out of peanut butter, thanks to someone who shall remain nameless looking for peanut butter in the pantry and saying, NOPE, there isn’t any there, causing me to buy peanut butter at Costco, only to put it away and find 3 unopened jars! If I need to do any baking, I imagine it’ll involve peanut butter.

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maygan said...

Good luck with your two weeks! I'm kind of excited to see how this turns out for everyone.