Friday, January 29, 2010

Eat From the Pantry Challenge

Remember this? It’s been going pretty good. We actually made it through pretty much the entire month, with the exception of the days we spent in California, eating only from the freezer and the pantry. We haven’t had any weird goolash meals like Dee, thankfully. The only yucky meal we had was short ribs in the crock pot and that was really only because we just plain don’t like short ribs. We’ve even had some new recipes. And even Elise eating nothing but chocolate in recent days hasn’t deterred us. We have purchased only the non-stockpile-able, perishable, and must-have items. (Like tortilla chips. These are impossible to stockpile and there are never enough in the pantry).

But now, NOW I am ready to be done. I plan to celebrate by going out for dinner tonight. No cooking for me, no dishes for Ed, everybody eats whatever they want.

There is another reason to go out to dinner and celebrate, though. As most of you know, Ed has worked as a software developer for the best. company. in. the. world. for almost 15 years now, not including his summer as an intern. Ed works hard and they are so good to their employees. This past week the boss took Ed and a few other guys on a strategic planning retreat for a few days. Not only did they emerge with some major vision for the future, but Ed was given some new responsibilities and a new title! Ed is now the Software Architect for the entire company, which means he oversees the structure of the code for all departments. I think. I mean, I know that’s his title, I’m just a little unclear on what that means he oversees. Only other computer geeks *truly* know what it means. I’m just happy we get to go out to dinner to celebrate!

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dee said...

YEAH! Congratulations to both you and Ed. Way to go guys! Have fun celebrating tonigt!