Monday, January 15, 2018

November 2017

It's a day off from school with very little on the agenda and a very busy week ahead, so I'm going to try to cross at least one thing off my list and blog November!!

The sweet 6th graders and their awesome teachers put together a great display about the ancient civilizations. Elise had to make a statue out of playdough. 

Ed's car FINALLY died, so we were able to get him a new-to-him-car that is younger than all his children!

Gosh, they're cute together.

7/8 orchestra assembly!!

November was also the SIXTH GRADE MUSICAL!!! So cute and very fun to watch! Elise had a small part, about 12 lines, and a small solo. So proud.

A wonderful night out with my favorite group of friends - we were formerly known as "Accountability Group" when we got together twice a month to "scrapbook" or pay bills or whatever. Now that we're all back to work, we have to settle for dinner or coffee once a month, so I think we need a new name...

We Skyped with Sarah on Thanksgiving - she was with Grandpa Freeman & Karen (below) and we spent the day at my aunt's with my grandma!!

Later we put up (most of) the Christmas decorations and I found these two happily playing with the Playmobile Nativity Set.

My Nativity from the market in Lusaka, Zambia.

I tried to create vignettes in each space in the living room, and I tried to have a less-cluttered look this year. I was pretty happy with how it turned out!

I used greens from the branches that fell from our trees in the back in several places.

Right before Thanksgiving, Bethany helped me lead an Esther School night at GEMS and we made & served nshima and showed pictures and played Gaga Ball!

On Thanksgiving weekend, those two decided to make nshima cakes like we had done in Zambia. Problem was, we couldn't really remember HOW we made nshima cakes, so Bethany just kind of went for it. I was blissfully happy in the garage, crafting my garland for the front door, when I'm suddenly smelling smoke and hearing some commotion in the house. I go inside and Ed is standing by the back sliding glass door and the girls are freaking out. I go to Ed, look out on the patio, and I see:

Yeah. Just a tiny little grease fire there. I almost got a new kitchen.

Thankfully, the flames were under the lid until Ed brought it outside and opened it up, so we had no damage in the kitchen. We just sent an awful lot of black smoke into the neighborhood...and the girls owe me a pan.

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