Sunday, May 24, 2015

Easter 2015


We’re almost awake for Resurrection Rolls!








I had success with yeast! A true Easter miracle! Winking smile




Valentine’s Day Fondue tradition moved to Easter this year…at least we got it done!




Monday, May 18, 2015

The rest of March

Apparently March came & went without too much going on…though my iPhone camera roll shows a few mentionable moments.


It had been brought to my attention (& I feel like I already blogged this, so please just forgive me if I did) that Elise could not remember ever having a picnic on a sheet while watching TV as a family. This is something we used to do FREQUENTLY but I know we hadn’t done it since moving into this house, and I’m guessing maybe the last few years of living with our house on the market prevented us from doing these spontaneous and fun things. So, while Sarah was away, we had our Movie Picnic on a Sheet. And, we have done it more than once since as well!


So, in case you can’t tell, that’s the passenger seat of my van and the floor…with the jelly beans I spilled. The teacher I work for LOVES jelly beans. And I mean, LOVES. So much so, that 3 different people bought her 10 or 25 lb. boxes of jelly beans for her birthday and Christmas this year. She decided she might actually not be able to eat 60 pounds of jelly beans herself. So she gave me some. And I promptly spilled them on the floor of the van. Thank goodness there were LOTS more left.


I love eating ice cream with this cutie.


Me & my BFF’s went to see Anita Renfroe at a Women of Whatcom event. We laughed So. Hard. What a great night with the women I love to “do life” with! Afterwards *most* of us got DQ and then went to Amy’s and stayed up PAST midnight. I say *most* because you know who didn’t? The one who is not yet 40, that’s who.

We forgave her since she works 40+ hours/week at a university medical center, but still.


Sarah’s band had a spaghetti dinner fundraiser for their spring break trip to New Orleans. It was really pretty fun!


The K class I work in got to visit the salmon hatchery because our TA is in Senior Bio – so fun. Those Kinders are so incredibly cute.


This friend that is a boy (NOT a boyfriend) asked Sarah to JSB. He took this picture and made a poster to ask her. It was super cute. And so began the dress, shoe, & jewelry hunt. And let me just say, before you even see pictures from the event, Sarah was the belle of the ball. For real.


Tulips came early to WA this year – what with the May-like weather in March, and the October-like weather throughout the entire winter.


Track began, and as I write this, track is almost ending. This was at the Bedlington Twilight Invite and Sarah was 2nd in her event. More track details to come…


Remember those jelly beans? I was given another package from the teacher I work for and those I saved…for her birthday treat! Her birthday was the day after Easter this year, but I surprised her with these Rice Krispie Egg Nests the Thursday before spring break, so that she would have NO idea. She was surprised, and she loved them!


This simply brought me joy. I was just going along, reading “The Banner” when suddenly a name, “Rev. Steve Van Noort” popped out at me! Our new Pastor! We are so excited to have him and his wife and children here! Ed & I had the opportunity to pick them up at the airport when they flew in to move here and it was just so. great. We just love them and are excited to get to know them even better…though that probably won’t happen until summer since almost every night in April & May is pre-booked for us.