Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last two weeks of June

When we got home from our trip, Sarah went straight to Camp Shiloh. In fact, she didn’t come home at all. Bethany & Becca started their summer theater camp the next day and Elise started two weeks of BOOOOOORING. Home alone with momma. All the time. Minus the few playdates I managed to scrounge up for her.

We did put up the pool. Sort of. You know how on the pool instructions it says, “Use only on level ground”? They mean it. Our new lawn is pretty sloped and we thought we set up the pool in the least sloped spot…but that began a saga that is continuing to this day.


It just kept rolling down that hill. Several times we woke up to water pouring over the edge of the low side. I drained it once and repositioned it, but it wasn’t better. And it just kept rolling down the hill. Kids would come over to play, lean on the edge, and go pouring out onto the grass with a bunch of water. I said I charged extra for the waterslide, but nobody ever paid up. A lot of this was happening during the 5 days Ed went to San Francisco. Let’s just say I didn’t sleep very much.

But, the slopy pool didn’t stop the girls from being in it. Every single day. Even when it was 60 degrees outside.


I sure do love how those two play together. They are true BFF’s.

In other news, I grew my first hydrangea flower!


Hydrangeas are my favorite. I have some pink ones. I thought I bought some blue ones too, but they’re all pink. So, next time around hopefully I will get some blue ones. I have 3 more spots to put some blue hydrangeas in the fall when the rain returns.


They’re lying on the ground exhausted because they made a hopscotch to 100. And my van is in the garage. It gets in there every now and then. Then I start another project and it goes back to the driveway.

Ed came home from his San Francisco trip just in time for the grand finale performance of “My Son, Pinocchio” – but that is a blog post all its own.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Traveling Home

On June 15 we left the Logos house VERY early in the morning with the hopes of getting to Ed’s Aunt & Uncle’s house in Stockton, CA by early evening in order to be able to spend some time with them since we knew we’d be leaving their house very early the next day. Within a few minutes, this was the inside of my van…



We DID arrive at Ed’s relatives by 5:00, just in time for a family Father’s Day BBQ! Two of Ed’s cousins, and some of their children were there as well. After dinner Aunt Judy handed out some water balloons and while timid with each other at first, soon there was an intense water fight. One cousin even dared get her grandpa (Ed’s uncle) a bit wet, so he went for revenge. He told me to call all the kids onto the grass and he was going to turn on the sprinklers. I coaxed them quickly by saying we needed a group picture.


Yes. Everyone else ran, but those are my three obedient children who stuck around for the picture while getting soaked by the sprinkler. Good thing it was hot!


No sprinkler this time!

The next morning we left again very early and made it to Camp Shiloh to drop Sarah off by 8:30 and we were home by 9:30 pm. It was a great trip and we are so grateful for safety and blessings for every one of the 3780 miles we traveled in that van over 11 days.

Monday, July 15, 2013

June 14, 2013

Friday was our FULL day in Arizona and boy, did we pack it full of everything that was on the girls’ wish lists for the trip…and my wish list, too!

First thing in the morning Ed & I took a little jaunt in this beautiful baby:




Can you believe I have NEVER ridden in a convertible before? It was a great mid-life crisis…

We just went to the store for milk & cheese. We are that cool. It feels very strange to park a convertible at the grocery store, get out, LOCK IT, and walk away. Why does one lock a convertible? I have no idea…


If I owned a convertible, I would have to get a wind-friendly hairdo.


The girls played on the Wii with Kinect…I don’t know if that’s how you spell it or even what it is, but they knew just what to do to have fun!


A little perspective here…taken from the landing at the top of the stairs.


The Logos House comes fully stocked…better than a wonderful hotel. Linens, all those goodies, food in the fridge and pantry (which is as big as my kitchen)…and of course Bethany had to document these sweet lotions and housekeeping details.


The room Sarah chose to sleep in was perfect for her…


When we got back from the store, the girls decided to take the bikes out for a little ride. They stayed inside the “gated community” but didn’t stay out too long because it was already 90 degrees at 9:00 in the morning.


When they got back we left in our van and went to see the Logos office in Tempe. It’s pretty small, but it was good to visit and see everyone there. Then we were told we must try Rita’s Italian Ice – an east coast chain with a treat quite different than anything else. It’s not quite a slurpy, not quite frozen yogurt, not quite gelato…it’s just Italian ice + custard if you want. A refreshing treat!



Then, FINALLY, it was pool time!!




I said, “1-2-3-JUMP!” But apparently Sarah missed the memo…


Got it that time!


Yes. Even I went down the waterslide and jumped off the rock.






We had a TON of fun. And then the Dunkin’s came to join us for even more fun!







We also did some relaxing…





And playing around…11-IMG_0664


After the Dunkin’s left, the little girls showered and got into PJ’s for MOVIE TIME in the “Cinema” – a HUGE screen with 8 cushy chairs and surround sound. (The big girls watched too…we just didn’t make them put on their pj’s). We watched “How to Train Your Dragon” all together. But first, we made popcorn!



Since I can’t eat popcorn, I found some other movie treats in the upstairs kitchen.




Elise sat next to me and let me smell her popcorn.

After the movie, the girls were not to be outdone and wanted their own rides in the convertible.




Sarah chose the fast Audi over the cool, but powerless Mustang. Don’t worry. We didn’t let her drive it. Very far. Winking smile


A couple more random shots from around the house:



The misters on the patio…keeps it nice & cool while you eat lunch!


The putting green…it was too hot when the sun was out, but we went out after dark and did a little putting.

We had such an awesome time at the Logos house and are so grateful for amazingly generous employers who blessed us by letting us enjoy some family time at their home.