Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Arizona Day 1!

We left very early (as in, we picked up Grandma & Grandpa at 5 am!) on the morning of Monday, June 8, Elise’s 9th birthday! She did not think that was a very good birthday present, getting up early, but she wasn’t too dismayed about it, considering she was flying on a plane on a vacation with her family & cousins and going to be staying at a VERY nice house with a pool for a week!


This is our airport “groupie” or “ussie” or whatever term you prefer.


The birthday girl & me on the tiny little plane!

We arrived with no delays and no lost luggage into the Phoenix airport and after a few little miscommunications were straightened out, we got picked up by two Logos vehicles and were able to meet up with my brother and his family. After a lunch at Chick-Fil-A, which holds some memories we prefer to forget, we arrived at the Logos Faithlife House in the middle of the afternoon. After a tour and some discussions about what to buy at the grocery store, everyone was ready for a swim!


First time in the pool! Everyone loved it!!


On the first day, the slide was quite popular.





Later on, that rock feature was the main attraction.


Dinner included watermelon (obviously) and brats & hot dogs on the grill.

And then we celebrated Elise’s birthday a little more…


…while sitting on the back patio being kept cool by the water misters above.


And of course there was some auntie snuggle time!


Foosball was the game of choice before our first movie night in the movie theater, (which regretfully, I don’t think we have pictures of?) where we watched the family friendly Monsters University.

Everyone oohed and aahed over the size of the house, and how it was never-ending, but we used every square inch over the course of the vacation. From the movie theater to the computer room (used for white board drawings, which we may or may not have erased) to the second living room (used for studying by my SIL and my oldest daughter) to the exercise room (used by several members for working out since it was too hot outside) to every bed and every washing machine & dryer (yes, there are two sets of those). Hm, I don’t think we used the formal dining room except for playing hide & seek and the scavenger hunt. The closet in the master bedroom is as big as my bedroom and the pantry is as big as my kitchen, so we truly felt like we had our very own little resort for the week. We were so blessed.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A little more catching up before I can blog Arizona…

I really want to blog about Arizona, and since I like to do things chronologically whenever possible, I have to play catch-up with some iPhone photos first.


Sarah’s induction into the National Honor Society – truly this is the weirdest event I have ever attended at our school.


The summer list is up and ready! (Some items are already crossed off!!)


In 5th grade there’s a “Penny Book” project where the kids write about each year of their lives. It’s meant to be reflective, as well as writing practice, but it turns into a bit of “which mom scrapbooks the best” – though I think that has lessened some since Sarah went through 5th grade. This year I took a WAAAAAAY backseat to this project (like, I was in the back of the Greyhound bus backseat) and simply provided Becca with paper, a binder, page protectors, and some journaling cards. She went through photo albums and took notes, picked out which pictures she wanted, located all the pennies to represent each year, and put the entire thing together. It turned out great and I was so proud of both of us for our work and lack of work. Winking smile 



Lovely peony.



Had the neighbors over for a Memorial Day barbeque – our kids have so much fun together!


Stacy & I at our Kindergarten Mother’s Day Tea – here’s what I wrote on Facebook as an announcement about my new job:

For the past four years, I have had the privilege & joy of working with this great lady as an aide in her Kindergarten classroom. I have learned so much and loved pretty much every minute. We have worked hard, laughed a lot, and become good friends. Because of her example and willingness to share her teaching talents, I am ready and excited to have my very own classroom again after 17 years! Next year I will teach as her colleague, with my very own class of Kindergarteners on MWF!


I don’t even know…they’re wet. Presumably from a sprinkler since it hasn’t rained in who knows how long…


Elise had a piano recital and she played beautifully! (Video coming eventually…)



With her teacher, Mrs. Vos.


My poor girl who was sick on the last day of third grade! Sad smile 


Becca and her wonderful 5th grade teachers!




I think Bethany got left out of the blog post about Elise’s birthday party. She filled ALL the water balloons for me!


Graduation 2015 – Congratulations, Holly! Love you!


Cross-Country girls! Congratulations Julia, Brianna, & McKenzie! Love you, too!


Before we left for Arizona, we gave Elise one of her gifts – a travel pillow! She’d been begging for one and she did like having it on the plane!



Ed & I walk almost every evening and just before we left for Arizona, we saw this on our walk – I was struck by how the bugs were so lit up by the setting sun.

And I think next will be Arizona!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Elise turns 9!

We had a super fun birthday party for Elise this year. The day after school was out, she had 4 friends come over for lunch, rainbow cupcakes, tie-dying, water balloons, ice cream, and swimming!














Becca also had a friend over during the party time and they are just the cutest together!