Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Salvaged Sash

I’ve been loving this little project that my dad & I have been working on. There are lots of reasons. I’m working with my dad on repurposing old windows. There’s 3 things I love right there: my dad, repurposing, and old windows. Over the last few years, I had used old windows my dad had gotten through his work (replacing windows in people’s homes) and made them into various home décor items for myself and for family members as gifts. Many became photo frames, some became chalkboards or mantel décor and I even made some Christmas décor. My dad & I had been talking for a long time about doing some of these together to sell…a little project to work on together and a way to make a little money.

We finally decided to give it a go this summer and we spent a few evenings washing, sanding, painting, and prepping several windows that he had in his stash.


It was great spending time with just my dad.

Here are some of our creations.








We decided to try to sell them at the local Farmer’s Market, where there are also several craft/handmade item booths. We had a great set up, with a pennant banner made from a vintage children’s book, several Ball jars with cut flowers from my garden, and a great display of windows.





Well, that turned out to be a bust. I sold nothing the whole day! I think it’s the wrong venue…

We took our name that we came up with for the market, “The Salvaged Sash”, and created a Facebook Page. Since doing that, we have sold 6, including one custom order.


I think we’ll keep trying the Facebook promotions for awhile and then we’ll maybe try the Farmer’s Market again if I can find a day to do it. I wish we could do one of the local craft shows, but it’s the same weekend as state XC and since we are praying Sarah has another state appearance, I’m not going to plan to be at the craft show. There are some local consignment stores in town where we could try to sell our stuff…but the percentage of profit is greatly lessened when you sell on consignment.

Still available are the large white “Family” window, the chalkboard, the empty window with wire for hanging pictures/cards, the 2 small greenish 4-light windows, the black 4-pane, the white 4-pane, the large white window, and the large white window with the little feet on the bottom. Any of these could be customized to suit your home décor or as a gift for a friend. Just contact me anyway you know how – Facebook, email, text, whatever! And be sure to “like” The Salvaged Sash on FB to see each featured item! Just click here!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Logos company picnic

Saturday, July 12 was the Logos company picnic. This year it was held at the fairgrounds, which isn't as nice a venue as our previous locale, but it turned out surprisingly well. As usual, there were too many food choices, lots of kid activities, & an incredible number of people!

That "Hot Mess" food truck is my favorite. Get the "Mt. Baker" if you ever eat there...a Philly Cheesesteak with homemade Mac & Cheese....ON the sandwich. Amazing!!

Waiting for lunch on a 90 degree day. 
Thankfully a slight breeze and a thin cloud cover later on helped make the day manageable. 

Bungee trampoline!!!!!!

And The Reptile Man!

Later I noticed this game of Ultimate Frisbee going on. See who is out there with all those computer geeks? Yep. That's my daughter. Running in her bare feet, on a pitted field, 6 weeks before XC season begins....

But I said not a her, that is. Because I am not THAT mom. Nope. Not at all. 

Or I'm trying not to be, anyway. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Oyster Dome

In preparation for our trip to Yellowstone, and for a fun thing to do in the 4th of July, we hiked to Oyster Dome! Oyster Dome is a steep 2.5 hike up Chuckanut Mountain offering great views of the Puget Sound. I figured if we could conquer that, we could handle anything that Yellowstone throws at us! The girls were champs, hiking much better than I did. That steep stuff was tough! But it was awesome to do and the view wasn’t too shabby either.
















The following pictures were taken at Samish overlook, which is where we parked. It is also a beautiful view!






Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Trying out the Blogger app

I didn't know there was a Blogger App, but my daughter filled me in, so I am trying it out! 

So far it is annoying because I can't figure out how to write words after the pictures. Tips, anyone?