Monday, August 26, 2013

Guess what?!

Guess what, folks? Tuesday is the first day of school! Know what that means? It means...there is a chance I will blog again in the very near future!

Except that I'm having friends over for coffee the first morning the kids are in school. We're celebrating. They will probably stay until school dismisses at 1:30, which, by the way, is ridiculous. If I have to pack lunches, why can't they just stay until 3:15 like a regular day? But I digress...the second morning back to school I have to work because that's the first day of Kindergarten!! And my to-do list is four pages long on my legal pad and "blog" is only one of those items. But really,I intend to blog in the very near future!

Yippee for school!!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer Stock 2013

When we got back from our CA vacation, the middle girls, B&B, started rehearsals for the local kids’ summer theater day camp. Monday – Friday for two weeks, from 10 am – 2 pm + about 60 kids, ages 8-18 + 2 awesome directors = a fabulous production of “My Son, Pinocchio, Jr!” Bethany has been in Summer Stock for several years and this was Becca’s 2nd year. Elise CAN’T WAIT until it’s her turn next year! They have a great time and they have loved every minute!

This year both girls auditioned for parts and both girls ended up with a role that fit them well. Bethany was one of the “Fairies-in-training” under the “Blue Fairy” and had several lines, a couple solo lines, and lots of fun expressions to watch. Becca was “Amelia” who is a Child of Idyllia (where the perfect children are maufactures) and also a marionette and a child in the Geppetto’s Toy Shop.


During the dress rehearsal (yes, they only have one) they take pictures of all the groups. These are all the marionettes, however they are not all in their marionette costumes…because this is what they were wearing at the end of the performance and when they started taking pictures.





Becca’s the second marionette from the left – she hated hanging down like that. It wasn’t as long as she claimed (a million years) but I’m sure it seemed pretty long.




Becca as Amelia, showing Geppetto around Idyllia.




And now for those fun “after-the-show” pictures!



Bethany has Mickey Mouse ears in that picture. That’s my aunt as the left ear and my grandma as the right ear. Makes me laugh every time!


Friends from the old ‘hood



The girls and our beloved Mrs. Dean!


It was a blast! Can’t wait until next year!!