Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Stock 2015

Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that for about the past 5 years, Summer Stock has been a part of our summer routine. It’s a musical theater day camp in our community, led by two teachers from our Christian school. Kids can audition for parts, be mentors when they are in high school, and generally have a ton of fun rehearsing and playing improv games, etc. The camp is from 10-2 every day for ten days, with performances on the night of day 10 and the night following. It’s awesome and I love it and it gives me goosebumps and tears every time I attend a performance.

THIS year, all my girls took part in Peter Pan!


Sarah was the stage manager.


Bethany was a fairy named Lyria – one of Tinkerbell’s helpers.


Becca was TigerLily, the Chief’s daughter that Peter Pan & Wendy rescue from Captain Hook.


And Elise was one of the Indians in Neverland!





Sarah even had to come on stage in the lights!




Captain Hook & Smee were two of our favorite characters, other than those played by the Ball girls, of course.







I’m totally loving this silhouette of Sarah making a set change.













To watch the entire cast sing the final number, click on “You Can Fly”.

To watch Elise (way on the right of the video) sing Hana Mana Ganda and Becca do her solo click here: “What Makes a Brave Girl Brave.”

Monday, July 20, 2015

The rest of June 2015

Most of the rest of our first month of summer was consumed with this:


Summer Stock! All the girls were involved this year – Sarah as stage manager, Bethany as a mentor and one of the fairies, Becca was Tiger Lily, & Elise was an Indian. Summer Stock details will come in the next post.


Here’s some other stuff that happened…Sarah got sick – for several days. And she NEVER gets sick, so we had to document it.


I spent several glorious hours poring over school catalogs and making requests for my Kindergarten classroom.


Ed celebrated 20 years of working full-time at Logos/Faithlife!


We enjoyed Faithlife Family Night at the Bellingham Bells game!


We made raspberry jam and IT WORKED!!! Hallelujah!




A dear friend’s FIL built us a custom cabinet for our master bath. I LOVE it!!!


Before painting…


And after!


My jewelry drawer!

I am still going to add knobs to the cupboard doors and drawer, but haven’t gotten to the store to get them yet.


Spent a glorious afternoon with one of my besties at my happy place – Boulevard Park. If only she didn’t live in Minnesota – we could do that more often!


Venus & Jupiter got real close together. Ed & I liked to watch them moving closer for several nights on our evening walks.


Bethany started her first job on the berry picker! She loves it! One of these days I will have to take an after picture….unless you’ve worked in the berries yourself, it’s hard to imagine just how dirty these kids get!


Spent another morning with another bestie visiting from out of state – Starbucks and antiquing as usual and we loved it!


A day at Ikea with some more besties (summer can be tough on moms so we have to give ourselves some playtime, too!)


Friendship plants!


Okay, technically, the Ikea trip happened in July, as did the next set of pictures. But it’s my blog and I can do that.


A little family adventure in Bellingham, exploring a new little beach and a birthday dessert for Sarah (& yes, her birthday was in April…it’s just sometimes hard to get those things done!)





The first third of summer 2015 was outstanding!