Sunday, September 3, 2017

A little more Africa

I just can't help myself...I found more pictures I didn't post...and I think about Zambia every day. Most of these pictures are from our time at the lodge, which is not the part I think about every day, but I do think about and pray for all the people we met and spent time with on this trip. No new pictures of the sweet children, who are constantly on my heart, but I'm hopeful that once the school year starts for them this week, I will get to see new & updated photos on The Esther School blog, Instagram, & Facebook!

Oh, how I miss mornings in Nyangwena.

On our last morning, a few of us went for a walk around the outskirts of The Esther School's property.   

Inside the teacher housing we stayed in.

Those white patches in the bricks are spider nests. I can't remember if I posted this before or not, but if it's broken open, the spider has hatched.

This was the artwork in the room at Chaminuka where Sarah & I stayed. The girl in the blue sweatshirt on the right reminded us immediately of our sponsor child...her hair, the way she walks, her body profile. I had to take a picture.

There's a dairy farm on Chaminuka as well and they make amazing cheeses and serve several at the end of every meal. I have never eaten so much cheese in 48 hours.

Oh my girls. Being in Zambia with you was priceless. Our time together and what we experienced together strengthens the bonds we share and I am so grateful God granted us that shared joy.

Is it a cactus? Is it a tree?

At our cheese tasting, which was accompanied by wine.

Bethany wasn't a big fan of the wine experience. ;) 

And of course! Fondue!

Perhaps now I can begin to blog some of our other events of this past summer...