Monday, August 26, 2013

Guess what?!

Guess what, folks? Tuesday is the first day of school! Know what that means? It means...there is a chance I will blog again in the very near future!

Except that I'm having friends over for coffee the first morning the kids are in school. We're celebrating. They will probably stay until school dismisses at 1:30, which, by the way, is ridiculous. If I have to pack lunches, why can't they just stay until 3:15 like a regular day? But I digress...the second morning back to school I have to work because that's the first day of Kindergarten!! And my to-do list is four pages long on my legal pad and "blog" is only one of those items. But really,I intend to blog in the very near future!

Yippee for school!!!

1 comment:

one blessed mama said...

it's fall....I agree, time to get writing again. as I look over my 'favorites' list on my blog, I realize how much I have missed my blogging 'friends'!
so, get writing.
i'll be waiting. :)