Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last two weeks of June

When we got home from our trip, Sarah went straight to Camp Shiloh. In fact, she didn’t come home at all. Bethany & Becca started their summer theater camp the next day and Elise started two weeks of BOOOOOORING. Home alone with momma. All the time. Minus the few playdates I managed to scrounge up for her.

We did put up the pool. Sort of. You know how on the pool instructions it says, “Use only on level ground”? They mean it. Our new lawn is pretty sloped and we thought we set up the pool in the least sloped spot…but that began a saga that is continuing to this day.


It just kept rolling down that hill. Several times we woke up to water pouring over the edge of the low side. I drained it once and repositioned it, but it wasn’t better. And it just kept rolling down the hill. Kids would come over to play, lean on the edge, and go pouring out onto the grass with a bunch of water. I said I charged extra for the waterslide, but nobody ever paid up. A lot of this was happening during the 5 days Ed went to San Francisco. Let’s just say I didn’t sleep very much.

But, the slopy pool didn’t stop the girls from being in it. Every single day. Even when it was 60 degrees outside.


I sure do love how those two play together. They are true BFF’s.

In other news, I grew my first hydrangea flower!


Hydrangeas are my favorite. I have some pink ones. I thought I bought some blue ones too, but they’re all pink. So, next time around hopefully I will get some blue ones. I have 3 more spots to put some blue hydrangeas in the fall when the rain returns.


They’re lying on the ground exhausted because they made a hopscotch to 100. And my van is in the garage. It gets in there every now and then. Then I start another project and it goes back to the driveway.

Ed came home from his San Francisco trip just in time for the grand finale performance of “My Son, Pinocchio” – but that is a blog post all its own.

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Randy said...

Hydrangia color is influenced by the availability of aluminum in the soil, which you can change by adding aluminum sulfate, and/or you must also decrease the pH of your soil to make aluminum available to your plant. If you teach biology, it's one of those cool examples of gene-environment interactions. :)