Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Go Blue!

This past Friday was Field Day at Sarah & Bethany's elementary school and it was loads of fun! Grades 1-4 are divided into 3 teams: Red, White, and Blue. Each color is divided into 8 teams, so you have Red #1, White #1, Blue #1, Red #2, and so on. Sarah & Bethany were both on Blue #6 and I was able to be a Team Coach for Blue #6! We had a great time doing things like tug-of-war, the sponge relay, an obstacle course, team pyramids, etc. The teachers run the events and turn in scores after each round to an "official scorekeeper" and one color is declared the winner! This year BLUE won, which is odd, because RED has won every year for at least the last 3 years, but that's because the Hollanders like to all be on the same team, and well, if you know that family, you know that they're very competitive and very tall and they always win. I guess this year we either had some on the BLUE team or too many of them are now out of elementary school and on to bigger and better things in the middle school. It was a great day, with good weather, and lots of smiles!
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