Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two Day Get-a-way!

This past Monday and Tuesday we went on a mini family vacation. There are a number of things around the state of Washington that we'd like to do with the kids and had hoped to do some of them this summer. Becca was scheduled for a follow-up appointment at Children's Hospital for her arthritis and so we figured that since the van was going to Seattle anyway, we may as well take a couple days to do a couple things.

First of all, Becca's appointment brought great news! She has been discharged from the clinic since it has been so long since she has had severe active symptoms. This means her chances of developing Rheumatoid Arthritis as an adult have dropped about 40%! She still has to see the eye doctor every six months until she's 7 and every year after that, since inflammation of the iris can occur without any other active symptoms, and we're still able to call Children's at any time if she has another flare-up that cannot be controlled with ibuprofen. PTL for this great improvement in her health!

Once we found Ed, Sarah, Bethany, & Elise (they were in the sibling playroom, which I could not find; and cell phones don't work inside the hospital) we headed for the vacation portion of our get-a-way. If you click here, you'll be brought to a web album with lots of pictures and an overview of our trip! We arrived home again Tuesday evening and are just about done putting the house back in order after the GEMS camp and this little get-a-way. Enjoy the pictures and thanks for stopping by!

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the good report on Becca! Looks like you had a great time on vacation!