Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We've been having really nice weather lately, sunny and warm, but not anywhere close to hot. My hydrangeas are beginning to look gorgeous, so I couldn't resist taking a couple pictures. I had a little problem that the sun was coming in from the side, so maybe I'll try again today since it's a bit overcast. Anyway, I love my hydrangeas; they're one of my favorite perennials. Supposedly you can change the color by adjusting the acidity of the soil, but I can never remember which way makes them blue and which way makes them pink. Whatever I did this year, though, (which was ignore them until they had buds and then feed them with Miracle Gro) apparently worked because they are very close to my favorite hydrangea color, which is purple. Love them!

Sarah spent much of her outside time yesterday watching the horses in the pasture beyond the field behind our house. We even got out the binoculars so she could see them better. Too bad the zoom on my camera isn't as good as the binoculars, though. Someday maybe I'll be brave enough to let her go to a horse camp or something.
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Melissa said...

Lovely photos! Your hydrangeas are beautiful! Ours are starting to flower, but nothing like yours :) I would love to have the view you have out your backyard everyday, you are so lucky. Sarah would love a horse camp and it would be a great experience that would teach responsibility and respect for God's grand creatures. There's nothing like riding a horse in my opinion, but that's just me :)