Sunday, July 20, 2008

Raspberry Jamboree

We've had lots of yummy Washington raspberries at our house in the last couple of weeks. The girls have picked A LOT with my mom and I have made 7 batches of yummy raspberry jam! The girls helped with the first batch, but then it wasn't as much fun after that, so I was left on my own to finish up. We've had great raspberries this year - so delicious and the price is up, so the farmers are happy. :) Did you know that Whatcom County is the top producer of raspberries in the WORLD? It's true!

Mashing the berries was definitely the most fun task on jam day!

Becca thought stirring in the sugar was a close second, however.

Even Elise had to get in on the action with the apron and herown chair and everything.

Sarah is now old enough to cook and stir the pectin on the stove top!

Elise loved her turn mashing the berries as well.

These are my two "artsy" pictures of raspberry jam. Doesn't it look so yummy? I'm having fun with the settings on my new camera. I was pretty happy with the true red color of the jam. You could almost blow these photos up and hang them as art in your laundry room or something, don't you think? Or, maybe you have to love raspberry jam a whole lot more than the average person to do that.

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Anonymous said...

Cute! They look so engaged... too bad your helpers disappeared after the first batch.

We would like to order one jar, please. :)