Monday, September 15, 2008

Our finished walkway!

With Erik here visiting (more details and photos on that later) we were able to do a project that we had been wanting to do, but hadn't really known how to get started...putting in pavers on the walkway underneath our beautiful arbor! On Friday we picked out pavers (which was itself a project) and figured out the pattern of the pavers and bought the pavers. On Saturday Erik dug out sod and everyone helped put river sand into buckets, which Erik & Ed carried back from the river. Ed & Erik worked on leveling and putting in the wood on the sides. Today I laid out the pattern for the pavers and helped Erik lay them in. It was a challenge getting the gate not to drag, so Erik had to raise it up a bit and bang on the pavers to get it all square and tight and level, but it turned out great! Then Erik put on sand and watered it down a few times to set the pavers and fill in the cracks. And now it is done!!! Well, we have to do sand and water again in a couple days after it settles, but it is functional and beautiful! Thanks for your help, Erik!

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Rachael said...

It looks really nice! I love your arbor!

Julie said...

Thanks, Rachael! My dad built the arbor for me - I kind of told him what I wanted and he made it happen. He had built an arbor for our wedding that we had until last year when a big windstorm finished it off. This is my beautiful replacement, used as an entrance to our backyard.

Melissa said...

It looks beautiful! I'll have to come and see it sometime :)