Saturday, October 18, 2008

And the winner is...

My wonderful husband, of course! Of all the people that live in my house with me, he was the first to notice that no cleaning was being done around here for the past few days. I think it was Thursday evening that he ever so casually said to me, "So, have you not been home much lately?"
Why dear? Is something amiss?
I reminded him about my experiment (yes, he agreed to it before I started) and he kind of remembered talking about it at some point. So, he's the winner because he actually noticed and cared.
This past Friday - Saturday I had the pleasure of scrapbooking with a bunch of other scrapbooking moms in Bellingham. I left NO CHORES for anyone to do, other than homework and musical instrument practice time. You should have seen this place when I arrived home! I was not crabby about it, since it was part of the experiment and all...but I felt a teensy bit crabby about it. Supposedly Bethany had gotten sick of some of the mess and picked up a bit, and Sarah had decided to surprise me and straighten up Becca's room...but it was pretty much all disaster again by the time I got home.
So we had a little talk about how putting things away when we're done with them and putting things in their place will help everyone and how we must all work together. Then everyone willingly helped clean up the house, which was basically done in about 15 minutes, and we even had time to look at the scrapbook pages I did on my weekend away before the pizza was done baking in the oven. So now, with a new week beginning, I am praying that the little experiment will have at least some effect on how everyone deals with their own belongings...

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