Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday is Family Fun Day!

Well, sort of...not the whole family this time...Ed was at a church men's retreat up at Mt. Baker, so the girls & I played a bit. On Friday evening after chores, homework, and instrumental practicing were completed we watched "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" on TV. Since we now have a 5th grader in our house, it was especially enjoyable to watch together.
On Saturday, after chores and instrumental practicing were again completed, we went and took some pictures by the few leaves we have in our yard (yay! no raking here!) and then headed to... some friends at the mall to see "High School Musical 3" which just opened this weekend! Our girls LOVED the first two and so my friend Dee & I surprised the kids. It was really fun to taunt them all morning long with what we were going to do and tell them how much they were gonna LOVE the surprise. Sarah, Bethany, and Becca were about going beserk with not knowing. They kept guessing stuff like "Are we getting ice cream?" or "Are we going to a friends' house?" and I'd say "It's BETTER than that!" and then, imagine! It WAS better than that!
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Rachael said...

Love your new blog did you create it? Looks like you and the girls had fun.. What a neat surprise for them.