Friday, October 10, 2008

Sm' Apples

It's apple picking time...yet another reason to love fall!
This morning it is cold and sunny and I am drinking coffee with a turtleneck sweater on...Ed lit the pilot light in the fireplace last night and we had it on for a's all just yummy.
But anyway...apples! This past Tuesday a few friends & I headed out to our local *cheap* apple farm, S'm Apples. It's U-pick apples for 30 cents per pound! What a deal! Jonagolds are their main variety there, though apparently they do have Gala and they are raising Honeycrisp, which will be ready in a few years.
Elise is showing off a prize pick!

Becca's putting her apples into the bag on the wagon.

Becca & friend Sam running down the road next to the orchard.

And the mud puddles were made for stompin' in!

I picked about 60 pounds of apples in about a half hour - so big and plentiful on the trees! What am I going to do with all those apples you ask? Well, with just a bit of prep, some sugar, cinnamon and heat...I can turn this:
into this
and then this.
Come on over! I'll make you some coffee and if you stay for dinner, you can have some yummy applesauce!


Melissa said...

Yum! I love homemade applesauce. I am apple picking tomorrow and am looking forward to making some applesauce too. I might have to try yours sometime :) How many & what size jars did you get with 60lbs?

Jennifer said...

Hi Julie, could you email me your instructions for applesauce when you have a chance? I've made it on the stovetop with a sieve, but looks like you used your crockpot?