Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Concerts and Snow: Another long post, sorry!

First off, it's snowing! It started in earnest this morning sometime after 10:00. I had to drive home from Coffee Break in it and it was a little scary because the snow was blowing around so much that it was hard to see. Now the kids are being dismissed from school 35 minutes early so that the buses can get everyone home before dark. It's supposed to keep snowing until morning, which means...probably either a delay or no school tomorrow. Not good. My brother & his family are flying in from CA tonight...yikes. And tomorrow is supposed to be Becca's preschool program. And Friday is Bethany's school program and I know they need to practice tomorrow. With the wind that has returned, it's not the prettiest snow, though Becca did notice this cool feature between our sliding glass door and the screen door:


Can you see the spider web covered in snow? Wild.

Here's more snow pictures:


That's the backyard. It's starting to drift pretty good, and you can't really see, but the snow is coming down basically sideways.



It's all fuzzy white because of all the blowing snow. So anyway, we ask for prayers for safety for the kids as they come home from school and for my parents driving to pick up M&S&J and for safety for their flight also!

Onto concerts: last night was the 5th - 8th grade instrumental Christmas concert at school. It was really quite good - for middle schoolers, they do a great job and they have a great director. It was just really long. I think if every group (of which there were 7) had done 3 songs instead of 4, it would have been much more tolerable in length. It was really close to two hours, which is pushing it  just a bit.

Sarah is in the 5th grade band and plays the flute and she is doing great. She loves it and we are proud of the progress she's made in 3 short months! I have very fond memories of various band experiences and good friends that I made through sharing a stand, so I hope she can experience the same thing. Here's a picture from her concert last night:


She's right there on the right, in the black and white. Her friend Hannah is in the red. I have some video too, so maybe if Ed is snowed in tomorrow he can figure out how to post it. :)

And today Becca's class sang to the women at Coffee Break. Aren't they all so cute?


Becca was really nervous last night, so we had to make up some signals to give each other when she came in, which she thought was very cool. She's been giving me the signals all day long. Pulling on the ear lobe means "I love you" and touching the nose means "hi" and twisting your necklace means "I wish you a Merry Christmas." She plans to do it again tomorrow at her preschool program...if we have school, anyway.

I have video of this too, so we'll see if we can shrink down and get it online. In the meantime, enjoy whatever winter weather you are having and I hope you're ready for Christmas because pretty much, it's here!

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Melissa said...

The snow is pretty to look at but not to go out in. I am hoping we can get to California ok. Flying might have been the better option :) Hopefully your brother will have a nice time in the snow, I heard it's been cold down there too, though not as cold as here :)

I realized I had not checked your blog in sometime, I do that when I don't blog for awhile. Glad to see you are still finding the time to post updates. It's fun to see how talented all your girls are! Have a wonderful Christmas! See you in a few weeks :)