Friday, December 12, 2008

My list

Today is going to be a busy day. It's 6:36 a.m. as I'm writing this and I've got to make my list so that I can get everything done. Here's what I've got going on (and this is in addition to the "regular" stuff like make lunches, read to the girls, help Elise play with playdough, etc.)
1. start sloppy joes in crockpot for hot lunch for Sarah's class.
2. laundry
3. finish baking cut-out Christmas cookies with Becca & Elise, but save the frosting and decorating for later
4. more laundry stuff
5. finish baking two more pans of goodies (and then ALL my baking for the season will be done! And it's a lot this year...)
6. more laundry stuff
7. bring Becca & Elise to friend Lea's to play so that I can go serve hot lunch to Sarah's class, then come home
8. call for hair cut
9. more laundry stuff
10. finish anything above that isn't yet done
11. work on unfinished Christmas gift projects
12. get the last few Christmas cards addressed and mailed
13. after S&B are home, frost and decorate cookies; have snack
14. yell at everyone for the next hour to keep working on their piano/violin/flute/homework/chores
15. eat dinner (hopefully something Ed brings home...when would I make dinner with this list?)

Tonight I am planning a super-duper-family-fun event. I hope everyone else thinks it's fun. :) I'll write about the details later, but basically it's an evening at home with just us because this weekend is fuller than full of places to go and people to see and I want to have just us before that happens. I feel like maybe I'm living in a Dr. Suess book lately. Hopefully tonight will help.

Today we are also remembering my mother-in-law, Ed's mom, the girls' Grandma Freeman. Today is the one-year anniversary of her passing and we miss her a lot. Have you ever heard that song "Christmas Shoes" on the radio? The one where the man is telling the story of the little boy who is buying the red shoes for his mommy on Christmas Eve because she "might meet Jesus tonight." Oh. Gets me every time. And the radio station plays it a lot. But it always reminds me that Mom F. is in a better place; she is with Jesus, in the glory of God, completely whole and completely without pain and suffering, and she'll be there when the rest of us join her someday. I am so thankful for that confidence and comfort.

Have a wonderful December 12. Only 13 days 'til Christmas!

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Rachael said...

What a busy day! Hope you had a good one!