Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Playdates and Snowflakes

Today (Tuesday) my friends Amy & Dee came over to play (aka scrapbook). We are doing this once or twice a month on Tuesdays, rotating playing hostess. Today was my turn and it was my bright idea to take a walk and get coffee before we started. The walk started out fine, and we even went a little extra to see Amy's sister's new house which is close to ours. Then it got cold.

And then it started to rain.

And the walk seemed to take forever.

So we didn't have as much time to scrapbook as we normally do. But, it was girlfriend time, so we cherished every minute anyway.

This is Elise, Sam (Dee's son), and Becca playing at our house this afternoon. I love how they're all lined up, playing together, but each in their own little world. I love those 3 kids there.


Now that it's the Advent Season, we're using the Advent calendar I created. Each day has a pocket with a tag inside. Each tag has an activity written on it for each day. Tonight was "make paper snowflakes." Usually I strategically plan that activity for a night when I am gone and Ed is home because he is the master paper snowflake maker! But somehow I messed that up and tonight, when Ed was gone, working late, and I was home with the girls, "make paper snowflakes" was on the tag. So, we made paper snowflakes. It was pretty fun...

...though two-year-olds, scissors, glitter, and glue all mixed together make a bit of a mess. I'm not sure I will ever get the glitter out of the grooves on the dining room table...or out of the carpet...or out of the sliding glass door track...

So, the snowflakes may not be hexagonal as they would have been had Ed been here directing the craft, but the girls are proud of their work. Enjoy!





And yes, Elise actually cut her own snowflake all by herself.

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