Saturday, April 25, 2009


This has been a bit of a crazy week around here…especially for me. It’s a good thing I take pictures every day or I wouldn’t remember what I do.


On Monday we went to see the tulips in Skagit County. We hadn’t done that for a couple years and Ed hadn’t been since we moved! Unfortunately, with the very cold March and first half of April, the tulips had barely begun to open. We did the Roozengaarde thing, and their display gardens were pretty, but the mass fields of tulips weren’t really ready yet. Unfortunately, that evening was pretty much the only evening we had available for about 10 more days and we were afraid we would completely miss the tulips by then. I got quite a few nice pictures of the girls – nothing outstanding, but nice – but those are being saved for a special occasion, so no one gets to see them yet. ;) No hints either!

birthday girl

That’s my birthday girl the morning she turned 11! That’s just crazy.


Also on Tuesday was Grandparents Day at school. Both Sarah & Bethany performed in the program. Bethany sang with her CMT group and Sarah did square dancing with the other 5th graders. It was pretty cute. Stay tuned for videos…

widow dinner group

Then came crazy Wednesday…the GEMS were asked to serve the widow/widower dinner at church that the deacons give every year. It’s a fundraiser for us. We have the older girls serve, and the counselors work in the kitchen. We decorated the tables all pretty and had punch and served meatballs, potatoes, hot fruit, salad, rolls and pie. This is a picture of my crew before we started. I should have taken an after picture. We were all quite disheveled by the end of the night, but it was pretty fun. I know the guests all had a wonderful time and we had many compliments on the food and the decor. It was just such a crazy day for me because I was pretty much at church for about 12 hours, with the exception of two hours during which I ran errands, picked the older girls up from school, changed clothes, and then headed back to church. My feet hurt soooooo bad! But it was so good to just DO IT rather than think about it and plan for it like I had been for the last 3 weeks!

crazy hair day

Thursday brought a tiny bit of sanity to my life, but it was “CRAZY HAIR/MISMATCH DAY” in Bethany’s classroom! See, she has two different socks on and 3 different kinds of pig-tails in her hair. One is normal, on her left. One is a bun, on the top. The one on her right you can’t really see in this picture, but it’s done into a braid. That Bethany. She’s a crazy one, all right. :)

That’s the basic rundown of most of this week. On Friday I went garage-saling, only to be disappointed by the crazy people around here *not* opening their sales on Friday for the county-wide garage sale weekend. :( I had to go again this morning! Ed & I also had a fun date night with two other couples on Friday night. We went to the dinner & pops concert at the high school and it was wonderful! Good company, good food, lots of fun entertainment and laughter…how great is that?

(Pictures for Friday & Saturday will have to come later…)

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