Sunday, April 12, 2009

Everyday stuff, bunny ice, and Easter pictures

So I’m behind on my photos of the day. And I don’t have one for last week Tuesday, April 7, when Ed & I flew home from CA. Oh well.

You saw last week Wednesday’s pictures already – Sarah’s party.

Thursday, April 9:


Every year we use the Resurrection Eggs as our dinner time devotions for the two weeks leading up to Easter. If you have never used them, pick yourself up a pack at the local Christian bookstore. They’re really fun for kids. And even though Sarah’s done them countless times, she still enjoys guessing what will be in each one after the Bible & reading for the day, and she is also a good teacher of new and interesting facts! Since Bethany has to read out loud as a school requirement, she took a few turns “doing the eggs.”

Friday, April 10: Good Friday

IMG_2496 Ready to go to church

Saturday, April 11

We spent almost the entire day shopping on Saturday – running last minute Easter errands, checking out the local Farmer’s Market, having a family lunch, etc. When we came home, we put stuff away and started doing a few things around the house. Ed was thirsty and was helping himself to a glass of water, using the ice & water dispenser in the fridge door. He looked down after getting the ice and saw a little pink ice cube…part of our “boo-boo bunny.”

IMG_2509 This guy here. We have a little plastic pink cube that you freeze, then you put it inside the little bunny and give it to a little girl who has been hurt and magically, she stops crying! We love this little boo-boo bunny. Somehow or another, the boo-boo bunny and the ice cube got put into the ice tray inside the freezer and the pink cube came out through the ice dispenser. Ed noticed it and commented on it. When I looked up, I saw this:


Hee hee! I laughed so hard! That’s the little boo-boo bunny’s bottom bursting through! Looks like he’s coming backwards out his bunny hole.

Anyway, since bunnies are all the rage at Easter…here’s Easter Sunday’s picture of the day:

IMG_2526 These are the eggs Sarah dyed at a friend’s house on Friday afternoon. We had them with our cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

And now here’s a link to the rest of our Easter pictures…not the best I’ve ever taken, but the subjects are pretty cute.

Easter Pictures

Now I am officially caught up on my photos and my blogging. Whew!

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