Sunday, May 17, 2009


Wow. Some busy days we have had around here. Instead of posting 15 thousand pictures, I made some collages to be the Photos-of-the-Day.

Thursday, May 14…busy day!


Becca had a soccer game and Sarah had her spring band concert. The concert was really good, but it was pretty long. We had the middle school jazz band, the high school jazz band, the 5th grade band, the 6th grade band, the 7/8 grade band, and the high school band. If each group had played one less song, then it would have been perfect. Typically 5th grade bands are pretty awful to listen to, but this band is pretty good! It must be those 100 required minutes of practicing each week.

Friday, May 15

Not such a busy day…


I planted seed potatoes in a container! My Aunt Adie gave me a few of hers and I read all about how to do it on the Internet. After I took that last picture, I added a bit more soil until just the little beginning plants were peeking out. Apparently, once the plant is six inches tall, I have to add four more inches of soil, and continue doing that until the flowers on the plant die and then I can dig for potatoes. I think I might be a little late in getting these started, but we’ll see how it goes.

Saturday, May 16…oh man…now that was a busy, but very awesome, day!


In the morning, Becca had a soccer game. It was fun. Then we went to see my cousin’s new baby horses:


Are those not the cutest? And Elise’s little blonde head and her blue overalls amidst the dandelions was just too much to resist. I had to take tons of pictures. Love ‘em. And cousin Emily’s blonde head is pretty cute too – she’s the one with the cute little bob there.

The baby horses were so sweet. My cousin’s kids are naming them. I think Abby is in charge of the names. This year they’ve decided to do all biblical names. The one girl horse is Jezebel. And two boys so far are Caan and Saul. The next one that is due (& is maybe born already!) will be Delilah if it’s a girl and if it’s a boy…Herod. Notice a theme here? I think Abby likes the bad guys. She told me that those stories are more interesting. She’s right, I think. Everyone remembers what happens to the bad guys. She just wants her horses to be memorable.

Then we got the van washed at the local Relay for Life fundraiser and headed home for lunch and naps. Then came the big CMT recital for Bethany!


She did great! Her group song was a version of “Zip-a-dee-do-dah!” and was really fun to watch and listen to. Her solo was “Puff, the Magic Dragon” and she sounded beautiful! I'd go on and on about her perfect pitch and how she's overcome so much shy-ness and how proud we are of her and how she had the most impressive voice at the recital, but I don't want to brag. ;)


Then we drove out to the new Sonic Burger for dinner and dessert. We have never been to a Sonic Burger and it was pretty fun. Bethany thought that the car-hops on rollerskates were “weird”, but we all thought it was cool. We parked, ordered, paid, ate, ordered dessert, and ate dessert – all from the comforts of our van. Yippee! ;)

Then we drove back for another CMT recital in which our friend Holly was the star! I have a few pictures of that too, but I’m going to e-mail them to her mom so she can post them on her blog. I’ll put up a link once she does that. :) She may even have some of her own pictures, but I doubt it. She’s not a crazy-picture-taking-mom like me.

Sunday, May 16: Thankfully today was nice & relaxed. We went to church, socialized a lot more than we often do, came home to a lunch with just the 6 of us and spent the afternoon finishing up a few things that didn’t get done yesterday and doing fun things together. There were baseball games and soccer kicks, rides on the swings, first tries at riding without training wheels, baking cookies, and blogging. And, Bethany found the third partial robin’s egg that we have seen on our property. There must be a nest somewhere…we just haven’t seen it yet.


On to a new week…only 3 more of these before summer vacation!!!

Correction: My friend IS a "crazy-picture-taking-mom" and even more so than me! She beat me to it all! Her blog already has all her proud ravings of her daughters and pictures to boot. Click here to read all about the up-and-coming local star.


Melissa said...

I love the collages! It's fun to see all your pictures without having to go to a separate website on occasion (flickr to scroll through). Call me lazy :) I love the shots and how they are cropped, very nice & artsy!

I also love the horse pictures, cause I love horses :) I still need to plant my potato starts, you are doing it different than'll have to let me know how it goes. I might change my ways if you have the better planting method. It's fun to grow potatoes!

Julie said...

Yeah, I like the collages, too. I couldn't choose just one PotD! Who knows if my potatoes will turn out. I just researched about growing them in a container and everything I found was pretty much the same, so we shall see!

Melissa said...

I reread the site I follow and it sounded very similar to what you are doing. The thing I did different was cut my one potato into separate pieces to make more plants for my pots last year.

I think I missed what PotD means?

Julie said...

Sorry. PotD is Photo of the Day. :)I saw some sites that suggested cutting the potatoes, but there was one site that talked about how then you have to let the open area dry out before planting or it can rot. I think the main thing was to be sure that each piece has an eye. Since my seed potatoes were already sprouting in multiple places, I just planted the best sprouts up and am hoping for the best. :)

Melissa said...

Ah, picture of the day :) Good luck with your potatoes, they are pretty easy to grow. I did cut mine last year and them sit to dry for a couple days. Your way sounds easier. See you on Thursday :)

Melissa said...

*and let them sit

The Mom said...

You take the most beautiful pictures! So glad I found your blog!