Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hey Teacher Leslie!

You better come back soon. I think these kids are outta control.


Oh wait. I reined them in. All except for that cute one in the blue skirt. She’s the trouble-maker in the group.



Totally new topic:

Here are some random comments from various friends on Facebook.

I say to myself, Don't worry about your tight jeans, that ice cream tasted really good this summer...


love it!! I read a card that said life isn't about dieting and looking good, wearing tight shoes and fitting is about sliding into home, dirty with the love of life, holding high only your best chocolate bar!!

I love those friends. Especially when I eat this:


YUM! I think that is my absolute favorite dessert. It tastes even better because my DH loves to dish it up for me and serve me as I veg out on the couch. Mmmmmm.

Another totally different topic:

This child


needs summer vacation.

Seriously, if I could give a little bit of advice to all those 5th grade teachers out there: two major projects during the last two weeks of school is seriously killer. Mostly for the mom. I’ve heard of Senioritis, but I think I have a very bad case of 5th-grade-parentitis. I haven’t had that officially diagnosed or anything, but I have a friend who is a doctor and I’m pretty sure he would say that the cure for such a thing is to stay away from all homework. Another cure is summer vacation. Good thing that in less than one week from right now, summer vacation will be here. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I guess I’ll have to press on, (or at least act like it for the sake of my daughter.) ;)

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Mother Superior said...

Isn't the little fella in the Superman sweatshirt the cutest little boy in Washington?

Love that guy!!!