Sunday, July 26, 2009

Last weekend of July

It’s been a very busy past few days! Sarah had her good friends from MV come to spend the night on Thursday evening. It was a “stuffed animal party” as you can see.


Eleven-year-olds. So sweet.

On Friday I took them all to the park for a picnic and playtime, then drove the friends home. Sarah just loves spending time with these friends. She’s known them since she was about a month old. I knew one mom because her husband had worked with Ed at Logos for a while. She had met the other mom on a walk in the neighborhood and introduced the other mom to me. For the first 5 years of Sarah’s life we had all kinds of playdates with these girls and moms in the neighborhood. We moved out of the neighborhood, but Sarah went to school with one and still had playdates with the other. It’s been harder to stay in touch since we moved an hour away, of course, but now that the girls have e-mail, they’re doing a good job corresponding. They’re the sweetest girls and we love their families, too.


Saturday was the Logos company picnic! (Actually, first I had breakfast with my girlfriends, but forgot to bring a camera. They lucked out this time!)

I have tons of pictures and will create a web album from the picnic eventually, I hope, but for now…


Uncooperative Becca. She did NOT want to smile.

And today we had a bbq with our small group from church which was wonderful. I also have tons of pictures of the kids on the slip-n-slide, but for now…


…the peaceful reflection of the sunset across the street from my house this evening.


Melissa said...

I love the girls next to the barn and how you colored it, very pretty!

Julie said...

Thanks! It's a "chocolate Black & White" action in PSE.