Thursday, July 23, 2009

Learn something new every day

Today was Elise's day. She is 3. Barely. And she can now swim. Honestly! This evening we went swimming (& met two of Sarah's MV friends and then took them home for a sleepover) and Ed went in with Becca & Elise. I was watching and suddenly realized that I was watching Elise swim underwater all by herself back and forth, under the rope. I'm still gonna be waaaaaaay overprotective of her near the water, but that child could have been born a fish.

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Mindy K said...

hi Julie,
Cary is in town and would like to have grandma Jule over for coffe to visit. At that time, we should do the swim day. She is running hour by hour during her 1 week stay, so if you want to swim, give mom a call and maybe we can do an hour or two play date.
I know the girls would love it. Luke, not so much.