Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Love Languages

I love to give gifts. I’m pretty sure it’s my main love language. That and acts of service. I’m not as into the touch, words of affirmation, and time love languages. What’s your love language? I have to admit, I’ve never actually read the book on the Five Love Languages…except I read the one about children. When I was teaching. Not since I had my own kids. Go figure. The only things I’ve read since I had my own kids are: Corduroy, Goodnight Moon, Froggy Learns to Swim, and Winnie the Pooh A-Z. And a host of others like those, but I don’t have room or time to list them all.

But anyway, I’m  pretty excited about some of the gifts I’m giving this Christmas. Probably these people aren’t going to be as excited as I am, but that’s OK. It’s pretty standard for me to be more excited than just about everybody around me.

_MG_5870 The gifts inside these stockings are pretty cool. I can’t say any more because I have two daughters who can read and with access to the Internet. S&B, let’s just say, you are going to LoVe It! You might be almost as excited as your mother about these.

_MG_5883The gift tucked behind the tree is also pretty exciting for me to give. That’s it. That’s all I’m going to say. Oh, except, Ed – it’s not for you.

Speaking of Ed…I wonder what his love language is? Maybe I should consider that when I start thinking about what I AM going to get him for Christmas. I suppose now I’ll have to read the book.

And now for just a few more random pictures and thoughts…

_MG_5859 I didn’t notice the icicles on the arbor until they were already melting. This was a result of the freezing rain on Monday night. I love icicles – wish I had seen them before they were dripping away.

IMG_5028 Last night Sarah had her band concert. I wasn’t able to go, as someone had to stay home with Bethany, who is sick. Ed appreciates long Junior High instrumental concerts more than I do, so I elected him to go. Sounds like Sarah did great. She had a little two-measure solo, so hopefully we’ll get that video, along with a basketball video and some recital videos, up on the blog within the next few days.

_MG_5888Elise & I made a few of these today. Hey, now that I think about it, these are some of Ed’s favorite treats. Maybe I could give them to him for Christmas! Do you think his love language is through his taste buds?


Rachael said...

Love your stockings. Did you or someone make them? I'm still trying coordinate ours and need an idea that's easy to duplicate each time we have a kid. Any ideas?

Julie said...

The stockings are from Target! I bought them at Elise's first Christmas since I knew we were done having kids. I had to go to a couple different Target stores to get the right initials in the right color, but let me tell you- I was very excited when I got them all! I did not want to have to make them. Before that they each had a baby-type stocking that we hung every year. We saved those, but now just display and use these.

Ed said...

Thanks for saving me one of the pretzels last night. It was excellent. :-)