Sunday, January 24, 2010

Play-dough RoCkS

After coming back from vacation last week, I had A LOT to do. I STILL have A LOT to do. But, I was fairly productive on Tuesday (unpacked, did laundry, did some general reorganizing and figuring out where we are at in our lives) thanks to a little bit of homemade play-dough from friend Beth.



First, Elise made this little tiny snail. Then Becca had to make a big snail.


Then Becca made an entire snail family.

_MG_7999 And so did Elise! Do you see how I was grateful for the play-dough?! It took a LONG time for them to make all those itty bitty snails. They had to break off a small piece and roll it and roll it and roll it. And then they had to curl it up like a snail.

And they’re pretty darn cute snails. We even kept some as pets.


Rachael said...

Very cute. Could you get that recipe from your friend?

Randall said...

Snails make the best pets. They are way cool, and your play-dough ones are awesome. Can I have one or two for my office?

Uncle Randy