Monday, March 15, 2010

No more baby

Well, it’s official. We have a baby-free house.

Now, I know I said this when Elise gave up the binky and when she was completely potty-trained. I think I also said it when she quit taking naps and when she started school.

But through all those things, she still had her baby hair. I had never once in her life cut her hair. Poor thing has such fine, wispy, nothingness for hair on her head. I didn’t want to make her look even younger.

The problem with this approach of course was that she had some weird long strands and goofy lengths. Her sort-of wispy nothingness was a mess most of the time.

Now for the other girls, I gave them their first haircuts myself. I sat them on the counter and trimmed them up while Ed took pictures. This occurred at age 14 months for Sarah, 17 months for Bethany, and 19 months for Becca. Elise is now 45 months old.  So sorry, baby.

Today she sat at the beauty salon like a big girl and got a big girl haircut! She is especially proud of the little braid and the real rubber band that was put in her hair when the haircut was finished.

_MG_9125_MG_9128  _MG_9130

Thanks, Miss Tammy! We love the new haircut! (I need to get a picture of the back yet – that’s the cutest part).