Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things I have to say, but wish I never had to

*Eat your dinner.

*Stop bugging each other.

*Don’t lie on top of each other in the bathtub.

*Did you wash? Did you use soap? (I believe I’ve said this one every day for the last 11 years).

*Pleeeeeaaaase stop whining.

*Don’t put that in your mouth.

*Yes, you have to brush your teeth.

*Because I’m the Mom.

*Hey! Watch where you’re going!_MG_8954 And, yes, I really did say all those things, and more, in just one 12-hour period.

And yes, I know my parents are smiling, even laughing, about this. It’s poetic justice.

And someday, I’ll get mine.

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