Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thursday, April 15 in Michigan

My traveling day was the 14th, and I already pretty much covered that day. My first full day in Michigan was great. My nephew warmed up to me pretty quickly, especially after I played with him while my sister-in-law shopped at garage sales.

_MG_0579_MG_0587 I bought him this little horse at my college roommate’s garage sale. I am pretty sure my little brother had one just like it, so the nostalgia was thick. I don’t know why he’s sticking his tongue out. He really does like it. He rides it around saying “Neigh, neigh, neigh.”

_MG_0589 We played catch for a while. Or rather, we played fetch. I threw it, he would get it and bring it back to me. So funny. He did start throwing it back eventually, thank goodness. Otherwise Uncle Mikey would probably have to teach him a few things on his next visit.

_MG_0593  We had such fun.

_MG_0595 _MG_0597 _MG_0602 At lunch time we headed out to Calvin’s campus to meet my brother for lunch. It was an exceptionally wonderful day and campus was gorgeous.

_MG_0620 The top of the chapel. Yes, I know it looks like a Pizza Hut. That’s part of its charm. My friends and I used to love to go to Pizza Hut in college!

_MG_0622 If I had a nickel for every time I walked into this building, I could have paid my tuition. The College Center, as it was known then, houses both the Education Department (my major) and the Broene Center (my place of employment).

_MG_0627 Did I mention it was an incredibly gorgeous day? Look at the students lounging during lunch on the lawn. They were all over the place. I never did that at Calvin. When I was at Calvin, it looked like this:

carinsnow Honestly. Must be that global warming.

Actually, we did have a few nice days, but I’m pretty sure I spent them in the library studying. Or maybe at the beach. Or at my roommate’s lake cottage. Or lying out on my roommate’s trampoline. Or on the dorm roof. But mostly in the library studying.

After lunch at Calvin, my sister-in-law dropped me off at the DYM Service Center, which houses GEMS, Cadets, and Youth Unlimited. I was so excited to see this place! It is incredibly small! Way smaller than I envisioned. But so lovely, and warm, and comfortable, and it’s easy to see how such a wonderful ministry comes out of those offices.

We saw the supply center where somebody fills our orders. I’ve always wondered who puts the badges in the little baggies that come in the mail when I place my order. Well, it’s this guy:

_MG_0640 He was nice enough to let me take his picture while he worked. He thought I was nuts, but he let me anyway. All those little nail bins are where they keep the badges. Incredible.

_MG_0642 Another aisle in the supply center.

We also got to see the printing room, but I was kind of stuck in the back, so I didn’t get a picture. GEMS does pretty much all their printing onsite! Very impressive.

_MG_0643 Outside the main office door.

_MG_0644 Looking into the main office area. That’s Barb & Michele! Great ladies.

Then we drove to Gull Lake for our training. What a beautiful place! The next two pictures are taken from our condo’s balcony.

_MG_0645 _MG_0648 _MG_0655 That’s Lenae, our fearless Training Manager who let us have one of our sessions outside since it was such a wonderful day. We had so much fun!

Thursday ended very late…on Friday morning, if I am correct…and I slept very little. Those GEMS ladies are hard-core when it comes to training. We were kept busy until after 10:00 at night and back at it at 7:45 in the morning. But it was so, so valuable.

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