Friday, May 28, 2010

The Bathroom and the Thumb

As I was typing that title, I realized it sounds like a fable. I thought about trying to actually write this post as a fable, but I decided not to. Life is too complicated to mess with fables.

First, the bathroom:

_MG_2254 For some reason my children think it’s acceptable to leave the bathroom looking like this, or worse. I decided I had had enough. I made them clean it, of course, and then threatened to confiscate any items not put away in the future. They would have to buy those items back from me, in addition to cleaning the bathroom. I was informed that Daddy would not like it if I took away their toothbrushes. I said “Just TRY me.” (Insert evil laugh here). I think I actually scared them, or a couple of them anyway. So far, I have not been tested in this. They are putting things away. They are lucky.

Second, the thumb:

_MG_2266 This is the thumb of an almost-four-year-old after being caught in the back end of an automatic sliding van door. Swollen, tender, discolored. Ouch. I felt so badly for her. It happened in the Target parking lot, at the beginning of our errands. Why is it that one little event like that can completely throw off your entire day? I don’t know. Anyway, she was screaming and crying and hyperventilating. We drove to Logos, borrowed stole some ice (not gonna return it, after all), and headed for home. I gave her some ibuprofen and she survived. She doesn’t hold a cup or anything with that hand and you just don’t realize how much you use your thumbs until you can’t use one of them!

_MG_2264 Poor baby girl. I felt so awful for her. She was all worried that it would hurt at her preschool picnic today, but not to worry, Elise. It’s pouring down rain. I don’t think you’re gonna have your picnic today. Perhaps next week.

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Jagers said...

Oh sadness...the thumb issue that is. It is pretty amazing how such an event calls for a complete reboot for the day. Hope it feels better soon! Also hope that it stops raining so we can all go on our preschool picnics:)