Sunday, May 23, 2010

High Low

Have you ever played the “High Low” game? It’s where everyone in the group or family has to tell their “High” from the last week or day and everyone has to tell their “Low” from the past week or day. You can also play “Happy Cr---“, but since this is a family-friendly blog, I’ll stick to the Highs and Lows from the past week or so.

_MG_2146 High: I used to have one of these. Loved it. Broke it. Thought I could make salsa without it. Was wrong. Bought a new one. Can’t wait to use it.

_MG_2147 Low: Multiple hail and rainstorms flattened these peonies.

_MG_2155 _MG_2157High: The Calla Lilies are blooming. See those raindrops? Yeah, those are the ones that flattened the peonies.

_MG_2184 Low: This was on Becca’s field trip, which was of course a High, but the point of this picture is to see that I am still having focus trouble on my camera (Low). We do think we know what is wrong with it (High) and we don’t think it’ll be too expensive to fix (High) but the closest place that can fix it is about 90 minutes+ away (Low).

_MG_2191 High: Pushing Becca on the swings was one of the fun things we did together on her field trip.

_MG_2216 High: Taking a nature walk with her class.

_MG_2227 High: Shopping and dinner with the 7th/8th grade GEMS. We had so much fun.

_MG_2226 Double High: Mini Rich Chocolate Cake for dessert. It was scrumptious. As was my Baked Cheese Tortellini at Johnny Carino’s. DE. LISH.

IMHO, Olive Garden is like a hotdog compared to Carino’s.

_MG_2233 High: I cut those flattened peony buds and brought them into the house and placed various bouquets around the house. They have opened, as they always do, and are bringing fragrance and joy into the house.

_MG_2245 _MG_2230

It was a strange week; chock full of “stuff” and late nights other “Lows”. I’m just not taking as many pictures with my camera since it’s frustrating to deal with the focus issue. Stay tuned for some videos soon. I hope.

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