Saturday, May 8, 2010

The past two days

_MG_1614On Friday I had the pleasure of attending the Mother’s Tea in Becca’s Kindergarten classroom. When the moms arrive, each child escorts them into the room, pulls out the chair for their mom, and then sits on their mom’s lap. It is the sweetest thing. I then received a card from Becca and a cookbook made by the class. The class puts on a number of little skits (above, Becca is singing “Zaccheus” after the skit she was in) and sings some fun songs. Then we have treats and lemonade together. It is a fun morning!_MG_1624Friday happened to also be a half day of school. It was a beautifully sunny and warm day, so the girls were playing outside with all the neighbor girls. It was the cutest thing…there were about 8 little neighbor girls all riding bikes up and down the street. Then they played for a while and we started to hear some thunder rolling over the hills to the east. The sky grew dark and these storm clouds drew nearer as the thunder increased. We brought all the girls inside just as it started to pour! _MG_1630I was a bit concerned, because the plan was to head to Boulevard Park and have a picnic with my folks to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Ugh, with the rain? But, it wasn’t raining to the west of us, in fact, it was bright and sunny with blue skies! So, we went for it, and boy, am I glad we did! What a gorgeous evening on the water!_MG_1635_MG_1657Rolling down the grassy hill is always fun – just imagine, if you will, the giggling…  _MG_1667When we go to places like this, Sarah tends to drift off, exploring, imaging fantasy and action stories in her mind, and sometimes Ed manages to locate her and they have a little dad/daughter time._MG_1691Climbing trees_MG_1693Bethany wasn’t all that far off the ground here, so when she said, “Look, Mom! I’m a risk taker!” I wasn’t real impressed. Then she added, “I’m out on a limb!” with a big grin. Totally cracked me up!!_MG_1763A beautiful sunset _MG_1731 And my beautiful girls


Tamara said...

love the photos - esp. that last one! your girls ARE beautiful! AND won't it be great when your girls are old enough to roll down grassy hills and quote all the lines from The Princess Bride (i did that with a bunch of my high school girls the year i moved out here.... it was fun)!

dee said...

I LOVE that last picture!!!

Jagers said...

The picture of you and Becca is adorable!! You have some beautiful girls!