Saturday, May 15, 2010

Soccer is our life, apparently

I went to get the last week’s worth of photos off my camera. All soccer pictures. I am pretty sure we have done other things, other than watch 4 soccer games, but apparently none of them were deemed photo worthy. Enjoy the soccer photos!

_MG_1770 Last week Saturday. Becca getting instruction from her coach on how to throw the ball in from the sidelines.

_MG_1838 Last week, Saturday. Bethany throwing the ball in. I tried to edit this picture, but the color looks weird now. Sorry about that.

_MG_1848 Last week Saturday. The game where Bethany’s team got pushed around. Literally.

_MG_1853 This past Tuesday. One of my potential future-sons-in-law going in for the kick.

_MG_1856 This past Tuesday. Nice kick, my boy!

_MG_1889 This past Tuesday. This is one of Becca’s almost goals, but that goalie was too good for a Kindergartener.

_MG_1944 Taking a break at today’s game.

_MG_1946 Poor Sam. He was injured. But he and his mom came to cheer on the team anyway. What team spirit! Thanks, guys! I’m sure if you had played we would have won by even more, but your cheering sure helped!

_MG_1947 Today’s game. Becca played great! She got really close to scoring some goals – just needs to kick it a bit harder. Their team won and had a great time!

_MG_1996 Today’s game. Bethany played awesome today. She gave 110% and really got in there and fought for the ball. Their team lost, but it was a great season and a good experience for all of us.

_MG_2042 Bethany’s team.

_MG_2056 I wish I could say I was going for the motion blur effect on this one, but it was pure accident. Isn’t it cool? I just wish those people weren’t standing in the background. Then it would be a perfect picture. Go, Bethany, go!

_MG_2059 Today’s game. Going for it.

_MG_2110 Bethany listening to Coach. I am so grateful to him for making this a good experience for Bethany, for being encouraging and teaching her so much and making it fun at the same time.

I intend to post more than soccer from now on, even though we have 3 more Kindergarten soccer games left.


Tamara said...

fun photos - thanks for sharing... and i'm glad you've FINALLY had some GREAT weather for watching soccer games! i, too, love that motion blur photo. i can see it as an 8x12 on a scrapbook page with some journaling or embellishments covering up those people in the background.....

and in that last photo, is the coach of Bethany's team Brian Poag? did you know Brian has a daughter named Daisy? :)

Julie said...

What a good idea for that picture! I was trying to figure out how to do it digitally in photoshop so I could enter it into the fair, but at least that solves the problem of how it will be in the scrapbook! Yes, Bethany's coach was Brian Poag and I did know he has a daughter named Daisy, but I had forgotten! He was really a great coach.