Tuesday, June 8, 2010


When my brother & I were scheming about what we all should together during their surprise visit, of course, we both naturally checked the Mariners’ schedule to see if they would be playing at home. Sure enough, the M’s would be playing the Twins on Monday night. Mike wanted to take Josh to Safeco Field and I *always* want to go to Safeco. I love Safeco.

_MG_2903 What’s not to love about that?

_MG_2855 And that?

Besides, as everyone who knows me knows, I had, at that time, a 10-0 record at Safeco. Seriously. I was the Mariners’ good luck charm. And as everyone who follows baseball knows, the Mariners needed their good luck charm in attendance. Badly.

We headed down to Seattle on a beautiful afternoon (well, actually, it was rainy and yucky at home, but when we got to Seattle it was sunny & beautiful!) which is really the best time to be at the ballpark. The roof was open and we settled into our seats in section 331. That was the problem.

Usually I sit in 337.

I’m sure that’s why they lost.

Not that they didn’t give it a good try in the 9th. We actually got to within one run of the Twins. So, of course, as any good Mariners fan knows, it’s time for Junior. That’s right. Ken Griffey, Jr. We’ve had visions of 1995 ever since he returned to Seattle last year. But guess what, Junior isn’t 25 anymore. And 1995 did not happen again.

Junior went up to bat, and almost hit into a double play. The only reason it wasn’t a double-play was because the Twins’ second baseman bobbled the ball and didn’t get it down to first base soon enough. So, technically, that’s not even a hit for Junior. Poor Junior.

Little did we know then…

_MG_2919 But that was Griffey’s last at-bat in professional baseball. Two days later, he retired. I’m so sad to see you go, Junior. You were one of the reasons I became a baseball fan. You, and Joey Cora. Oh, and Dan Wilson, Jay Buhner, and Edgar Martinez. Thanks for the memories, Ken Griffey, Jr.

Next time, I’ll sit in 337. But overall, a 10-1 record is still pretty good.

Memorial Day Mariners Photos

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