Thursday, June 3, 2010

A photo shoot

Before I get back to the visit from my brother & sister-in-law and their boys, I just had to post these pictures of a cute little two-year-old I know.

_MG_3069 She was oh-so-cooperative.

_MG_3094 _MG_3087_MG_3066 That’s her refusing to stand.

_MG_3113slightlightedgeburn Well, if Mom gives me her bracelet to play with and kisses me on the forehead, I might not scream anymore.

I’m kidding. Sort of. Honestly, the photo shoot started out pretty well. We got some good stuff. The following four pictures are the same shot, only with different photo editing options. I’m taking votes…

_MG_3010_MG_3010soft faded with edge burn _MG_3010choc b&w _MG_3010vintage actionAnd then we have _MG_3032_MG_3032edge burn   And these

_MG_3047_MG_3047choc b&w  _MG_3047heartland _MG_3047sepia And these

_MG_3057 _MG_3057lovely&slightlight_MG_3057slightlight _MG_3057softfaded 

She. Is adorable.

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Mother Superior said...

very nice, Julie. I LOVE them!