Monday, July 19, 2010

A baby fix

My friend Tamara D. recently had a baby girl! We’ve been praying for this baby for weeks now, as there have been some complications. Thankfully, she was born later rather than sooner, and seems to be a healthy itty, bitty, tiny, little thing. I guess she’s not that tiny, as she’s the biggest of Tam’s 3 babies. But, she was over a pound lighter than my tiniest baby (Elise), so to us, she’s an itty, bitty, tiny, little thing.

Meet Baby Alexandra:


And so I had some fun taking (and editing photos) of that sweet itty, bitty, tiny, little thing when we went to visit them in the hospital on the day she was born.

_MG_4957chocB&W  _MG_4955 PWBW _MG_4923 _MG_4923PWBW chocB&Wwith LOVE Okay, that one was pretty fun. I copied that idea off Becky Higgins’ blog a while back. I didn’t pose Alex’s feet into the shape of the “V” they way it was done on the blog, but I like mine just the way it is. I wish I had pictures of my baby girls’ tiny feet.

Of course, none of mine were quite that tiny…


Jagers said...

What a precious baby! and what precious pics.

Tamara said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos! can't wait to get my hands on them and print them (you know there's a costco photo coupon in the current coupon book?)!

Julie said...

Tam- I'll make you a CD when I get back so you can have a really good quality print. :)

The Mom said...

I wish I had pics of my babies feet too, Julie. And, I wish you had taken them. What a great picture! (and darling baby too!) ;)