Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Minnesota, Day Two

The second day that I was in Minnesota, Tami & I got up pretty early, left all her kids with relatives, and headed south to The Mall Of America! Oh my goodness, but did we have fun there!

We had yummy cinnamon rolls, caramel rolls, and coffee at a “famous” place called Tobie’s on the way, and then started shopping! We decided to “go right” so that we wouldn’t miss anything. I’m still not sure that we did see everything, but just about! We had a salad bar lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and a cookie from the Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Company for a snack. (You notice it’s all about the food…well, and the shopping!) We purchased clearance stuff from many stores…except…for…the store where I apparently went temporarily insane.




The American Girl Store.

Unbelievable fun.

You would think I was 9 years old again. I was absolutely gushing and laughing and having a tremendous time. I’m sure Tami was about out of her mind wondering how on earth she got to be friends with me, but as we know, she’s a tolerant gal. Trying to chose gifts to take home for the girls was a task, but we finally got it all sorted out. I came home with (but not limited to) doll glasses, doll binoculars, notebooks, library cards, dollar bills, braces, headgear, and a toothbrush! Yep. All doll-sized. They also had on display a DOLL DSLR CAMERA, but it has been discontinued, so I couldn’t buy it. I would have bought it for myself had it been there!

My other favorite parts of the Mall of America included hanging with Tami all day for a second day and visiting the Archivers Scrapbook Store. I didn’t buy a lot there, but it is such a delight to window shop in a scrapbook store. Talk about EYE CANDY! Yum. Everything I bought there was also on clearance, so I really didn’t spend too much.

Of course we didn’t actually visit the aquarium, the theater, the amusement park, or the food court. I think you could spend a week at that Mall and not really do and see everything. Well, I could.

After the Mall of America, Tami drove me to Bethel University in St. Paul, where I met up with my roomie (Tami’s mom, by the way) and 568 other GEMS Counselors from across the US and Canada. We began with dinner and then an evening of Praise & Worship. Well-loved Colleen & Grace led worship with their band and it was a beautiful, God-glorifying evening which set the tone perfectly for our conference.

Minnesota Day Two Photos

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