Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Peninsula, Day One

Thanks to my friend, Tamara, I learned the concept of a “Scrapbook on the Road” and quickly threw one together before we left on our trip last Thursday. And thanks to me doing that, my blog entries are basically completed, as is the journaling for the scrapbook of our trip!  I journaled every evening while on our trip and loved doing that. Enjoy!

We were so excited to go on our 5-day vacation to the Olympic Peninsula, but our trip got off to a rough start when Elise threw up only 45 minutes into the trip! Yuck! After getting her cleaned up at a gas station, we made it to Deception Pass without incident.

It was really fun to walk across Deception Pass and walk around. We haven’t had much chance to share our memories of that place with the girls.

We were able to walk around on the beach by the ferry terminal before loading on to the Keystone-Port Townsend ferry. We ended up at the front of the ferry, so we could see everything right from the van. We did walk around a bit, but it was cold and a bit rainy. We had a little snack, but that might have been a mistake. Elise threw up again in Port Angeles. We gave her a Dramamine and headed on. We didn’t really think it was car sickness, as she’s never had that before, but we figured it wouldn’t hurt.

Lunch at the Hwy 101 Diner in Sequim was a downer and Becca was not feeling good. We gave her some Dramamine and headed to Dungeness Spit.

Dungeness Spit was awesome! Ed had to carry Elise since she had fallen asleep. We took the half mile hike down to the beach and spent some time soaking in the sun as it broke through the clouds, chasing and watching waves, and playing in the sand. Elise woke up, but Becca was feeling tired from the Dramamine. We left Dungeness and headed for the Hoh House! We arrived and loved it. Nothing fancy, but peaceful, and comfy, and in a beautiful setting. Everyone was feeling better so we had pizza for dinner, played games, and I even got to watch HGTV!

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