Sunday, August 29, 2010

Peninsula, Day Three

Saturday was an absolutely glorious day! It started off a bit cloudy, but we began with a hike to Sol Duc Falls, which was beautiful and stunning and fun! By the time we were done with that hike, it was warm and the sun was shining. We skipped the Hot Springs (which had been the original plan) and headed to Lake Crescent Lodge. What a wonderful place! It felt like we had stepped back in time or into a completely different world. An old-feel lodge with cabins right on the lake. To top it off, Adirondack chairs & benches lined the beach along the lake.

Lake Crescent itself is huge and deep, and after lunch at the lodge restaurant, we spent a few hours sitting, swimming, kayaking, and relaxing on the shores of Lake Crescent. It was a total blast and we enjoyed every minute hanging out together. The highlight for me was watching the girls jump off the dock all together!

Ed & Sarah made it their mission to kayak all the way to the other side of the lake. While they were out there, the wind picked up and the waves on the lake got to be pretty wild. We even had some park rangers watching them through their binoculars because that part of the lake can be pretty dangerous when the waves pick up! But Ed & Sarah made it back safely, having navigated the waves in exactly the right manner, much to the satisfaction of the park rangers, and my parents’ kayak was also safe.

After a dinner of chips & salsa with grilled ham and cheese, I made the girls some hot cocoa as a special bedtime treat!

Peninsula, Day Three

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