Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Samish Overlook

On our way down south for some back-to-school shopping, we stopped at Samish Overlook for a picnic and to see a spectacular view! Actually, it wasn’t really “on our way” – it was off the freeway and up Blanchard Mountain about 5 miles on a dirt road – but it was totally worth the dust, the bumping, and every minute.

_MG_5893 Looking south from the parking area. If you can make this picture bigger, you can just barely make out Mt. Ranier in the distance on the right half of the photo.

_MG_5894 More south view

_MG_5900 Starting to look to the west, but still somewhat south. Are those the Olympics back there?

_MG_5902 I wonder what she’s wondering about.

_MG_5903 And I wonder what those two are talking about. It can’t be good.

IMG_5910Thanks for taking our photo, Sarah! And thanks Ed for remembering to have our photo taken!!

_MG_5911 Looking down at the marsh. This is zoomed all the way back with my zoom lens.

_MG_5912 Same shot. Zoomed in. That’s a very sunk boat.

_MG_5915 Looking to the west

_MG_5916 My beauties

_MG_5924 She was not happy. She had gotten a scratch and it was bleeding. She was waiting for Daddy to get back from the van with a bandaid.

_MG_5926 But she was happy and beautiful!

_MG_5930 This child informed me the other night that she knows she is the cutest because everybody always tells her she is the cutest.

Perhaps it’s time to stop.

_MG_5933 Ah. Sweetness with light bubbles.

_MG_5937 To the west



Having our picnic

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