Saturday, October 23, 2010

Does this make me domestic?

No one would say that my mother is “domestic”, despite her immaculate house. I’ve always believed that my mother is hiding some sort of magic in her dust rag, because no matter how hard I try, my house will never be as clean as hers. However, she doesn’t do much else that would be considered domestic. She has a few signature things she cooks & bakes that are amazing, (cookies and potatoes), but I never even knew macaroni & cheese could be made without the blue box until I was 27. She’s not crafty. She still touts the fact that she sewed curtains with her grandma 29 years ago as her most domestic project ever.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get the few domestic genes she had to give. I mean, I’m crafty – way more than my mother – but I’m pretty sure I got those creative genes from my dad. We’re both capable of measuring never and cutting once. I do like to cook and bake, but I don’t like a “challenge” in the kitchen and my favorite meals are ones I am served in a restaurant. I hate to clean and when I do clean you can’t tell I did, so I definitely missed out there.


I think my friend Lea has taken it upon herself to try to make me domestic. I asked her a few questions about canning and all of a sudden, I’m at her house, with apples and freshly washed jars and brand new jar lids, learning how to can applesauce!

Lea’s a good teacher, and we managed to get over a dozen quart jars of applesauce done in just a couple hours!


I heard the lids pop when they sealed, and we only broke one jar when placing it in the boiling water. Thank you, Lea. I am officially a canner.

Does that make me domestic? ‘Cause if it does, maybe my efforts to clean my house will go better…


Rachael said...

I think you are quite crafty and domestic! Wish I could have canned some stuff this Fall, but all my canning stuff is in storage. Hopefully next year it will work out. My mom is the canning queen. I've only canned salsa, jam, tomatoes, and applesauce.

The Mom said...

Yes, and now your freezer is full of space for all that BEEF! ;)